Our home


The Lishouse Cavaliers are located in a part of Oslo with the sea and woods nearby.
The interest in this wonderful breed started in 1986 when I got my first Cavalier male "Tico".
Two nice Cavalier bitches from Sperringgården, "Lucy" and "Chanell" entered our home in 1993 and 1994. These two ladies happened to be the foundation of my breeding.
The first born Lishouse puppy called Lishouse Midnight Summer Dream "Tessa" became my first Champion.  She is still here with us 11,5 years old !
My breeding is limited to one or two litters a year to improve the stock.  My aim is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful Cavaliers, who will bring lots of joy and friendship to their owners.
My dogs are checked regularly for inheritable diseases such as heart, eyes and patella.




We are ready for a ride, where is the driver?






Relaxing on the couch


"Jerry" playing with two of his puppies